Elaine Pizza - Artist Statement

In my new work, the combination of challenges led me to a new feeling of spontaneity! I needed to suspend all my prejudging and instead let each painting moment be: just as it is-not good or bad. A feeling of watching the work as it happens. The deep resonances of my intuition are “let loose” in the actuality of the present moment and are worthy of my trust! I feel a non-judgmental receptiory, acceptance, and excitement.

The kinetic nature of iridescent paint causes the paint color to seemly change in an impromptu way. Certain paintings like to keep their secrets hidden; other paintings want the layers to be more visible. The iridescent paint appears gossamer soft and pliable in some places and anchors the forms in other places.

painting detail

The combination of an illusive, yielding, deceptive-in-appearance paint color and the concept of a story without a determinable basis of fact or natural explanation, can work together beautifully. Imaginative thought concepts challenging a seemingly changing color.

Both kinetic in substance, they can compliment each other and enforce the abstractness in their combination. The “Myth” paintings can show off their “precious metal” color in light and angle changes or they can give the visual impression of one or many stories locked away in color changes in space.

In “Myths”, I’m looking to the viewer not to solve the “meaning of life”, but to use their own imagination to experience the stirring of consciousness and the feeling of being alive, both in the past and in the moment.

Elaine M. Pizza

Excerpts from an Essay by Art Critic/Curator DAVID PAGEL about Elaine's Work